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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Dogs and iPods

This morning on the tube, my discman started behaving in a most unnecessary and unwelcome fashion, squealing at me and drowning out my Neutral Milk Hotel. I realise that this is only the first sign of what is sure to be many more squeals and shocks and skips before my handy Panasonic gets binned.

Perhaps it's time to join the ranks and purchase an iPod.

I don't take this decision lightly. Much with my constant contemplation of purchasing a pair of Chuck Taylors, I am sitting on a very small fence that divides my need to be an individual and battle the conformity of the "hipster" crowd, yet
drooling on the window as I pass by my localMac store. I like to spin the little wheel, what can I say?

While I can't afford to purchase an iGod even if I want to, this did get my mind churning with thoughts of what is really important to me. What do I actually need to be happy? As a reponse to Keri Smith's entry, I have compiled a list of things that I consider to be neccesities:

An oven that works. None of this el cheapo gas range circa 1939 stuff.
A comfortable bed. Possibly with pillows.
A warm shower.
A pen.
A place to doodle. Post-it Notes seem to be my current favourite.
A camera.
A source of music.
A comfortable pair of shoes.
A place to purchase decent food. Organic if possible. I would love a garden.
Someone to hug me and make me laugh.
Some good books.

And possibly a dog.


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