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Friday, August 12, 2005

una cerveza por favor

I should be in Madrid right now.

Well, technically, I may have been eating peanut-like snacks on a plane somewhere over the North Atlantic, or at the very least drinking overpriced coffee in the departure lounge. In any case, at some point today, I was supposed to be in Madrid.

Unfortunately, shit happens. While I am upset that instead of sipping a margarita in 35 degree heat, I am sipping instant coffee and basking in monitor radiation; it would really suck to get sacked for standing up for your rights. I also admire the bravery of the hundreds of BA employees who walked off the job in a show of solidarity. It takes guts to stand up to 70,000 sun-deprived Britons.

So, in light of recent events, and because as I always tell people, "when you get lemons, make some goddamn lemonade", I'm determined to turn my office into a Cabana for the duration of this lovely Friday.

I have decided to only answer questions in Spanish, which should prove quite interesting, seeing as the only thing I bothered to learn was "querio una cerveza".

The day should go something like this:

Co-worker: "Shanny, can you email Bob?"
Shanny: "I would like a beer"

Co-worker: "Shanny, I can't log in to my computer."
Shanny: "I would like a beer"

Co-worker: "Shanny, my printer won't print."
Shanny: "I would like a beer"

This should prove to be even more entertaining if anyone actually brings me una cerveza.

Welcome to Cabana Shanny. Enjoy your stay.


At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Gregorio said...

Sigue siendo incómodo como infierno. ¿Qué vamos tan ahora a hacer?

Porciones de amor,



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