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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Until my return...

The leaves are beginning to turn many shades of golden here in London, heralding the end of the summer...and the beginning of the season where Shanny gets to wear scarves. Oh, how I adore autumn.

It's been busy over here at Shannyville, and oh, the secrets to tell. Whispers of lush green sheep-y fields, concert t-shirts, a town built with books...so much to say.

I will be returning to Canadia for two weeks on Friday, and the tales will have to wait until my return. But don't worry - I shall return; there's still an entire year left in this adventure.



At 9:50 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Or ... since you'll have so much free time in "Canadia", you could fill in all those gaps while you're there, eh?

They do have the internets in Canadia, don't they?

At 12:41 AM, Blogger Justin said...

i didn't know you had a blog...until i discovered someone had linked from yours to mine, and then I discovered Jason's as well.

hope all is well with you. How is the tate anyway? what are you up to these days.



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