I'd rather be burlesquing.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


My lovely mom has returned safely to the land of rape and honey (ok, admittedly my mother is not from Tisdale, but I saw my opportunity to write that horrible, horrible slogan here and was forced to seize the moment). We had a fantastic visit, but I admit to being slightly exhausted from all of the travel, touring and eating out.

As a result of said exhaustion, I did two silly things: one, I purchased a vintage swimcap and fantastic polyester dress for 40 pounds (I have a serious problem when it comes to polyester and vintage swimcaps) and two, I almost joined the Britney Spears fanclub.

Exhausted. Yes.

I've spent today recovering and taking snapshots of the snails in my garden. Let's hope that my day of rest will assist me in avoiding all future attempts to join fanclubs which are best suited for 12-year old girls.


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