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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just one of the signs that you may be missing a cog

So, the reason that I am, as one of Jason's co-workers kindly put it, "thick", has nothing to do with the fact that I somehow managed to get my headphones caught in my hair barrett while waiting for security to open the office door today.

It also has NOTHING to do with the fact that I thought that Mary Shelly was one Jack the Ripper's victims.

Nope, the reason that I'm considered a tad dim has everything to do with my current banking practices.

I can get a bit paranoid about my bank account from time-to-time. I have known of several people here who have suffered the nuisance of identity theft, and it seems to happen quite frequently here. As a result, I quite possibly watch my on-line bank account a tad too closely.

Just imagine my shock and horror when I noticed a £50 charge to Marks and Spencer yesterday. I nearly choked on my instant coffee. £50! I can barely afford their bread, let alone £50 worth of delicious M&S goodies.

In my defense, I am a bit exciteable, so when my co-worker instructed me in a very concerned voice that I should contact the bank immediately, my panic reached fever pitch.

As I dialed my bank, visions of faceless people buying small appliances and George Forman Grills with my money flashed through my mind. They were renovating their kitchens with my money.

The bank staff turned out to be extremely helpful, and after asking me SEVERAL TIMES if I had recently shopped at M&S (I had, infact, but not to the tune of £50), they agreed to block my account. Satisfied, I cut up my card.

At this point, I inquired as to how to get my stolen money back. The woman asked again, "have you shopped at Mark's?" I knew the drill - I had indeed. And then came the crucial, 50-point question:


The images of me getting £40 cash back, and having to show my passport so that they would agree to it, all cam flooding back. Like a bad dream.

As a result, I now have no bank card until Thursday, and let's just hope that it actually arrives, or it's going to be no Canadian Maple Syrup for Shanny.

I think it's officially time to hire a little man who can watch over me all day to ensure that I don't do STUPID THINGS.

But first, I'll have to wait for my bank card.


At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

Hire a little man?
I thought that was my job?

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