I'd rather be burlesquing.

Monday, July 10, 2006


The photo of me above (taken by a person by the name of Hin who I've just met) was captured on Saturday night.

My immediate response was slight repulsion, because I tend to hate photos of myself laughing. We rarely see ourselves laughing, do we?

While this is most definitely not a photo of myself that I would typically share, we tend to only distribute those photos of ourselves that have been manicured, posed, perfected. This photograph, on the other hand, actually looks like me, for the following resaons: I'm laughing, most likely at something goofy, I'm either a) fidgeting (al.ways.fid.get.ing) or b) clapping with glee, I'm wearing polyester, and my hair is messy.

These things define me in some weird way - which, in some ways - makes this the best photo of me I've ever seen.

This photo just needs a soundtrack of cheesy 80's and 90's pop songs playing in the background and you would feel like you've known me for years.


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