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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ed is the new Nathan

While I was living in London, I would get my hair cut at a place called Stamp, on Bethnal Green Road. My stylist was Nathan, a very quiet man with a bad-ass anchor tattoo, who regularly sported very tight acid-wash jeans.

I loved him.

In going to Stamp, it was not unusual for me to have to endure a two-hour sitting, because if Nathan was one thing, he was METICULOUS. He would literally trim individual hairs while cutting my bangs, and wouldn't stop until they were PERFECT.

Nathan was a bit of an odd duck. I remember one time when he accidentally cut his finger while trimming my hair, and proceeded to bleed into a kleenex for the duration of my cut. It sounds gross, I know, but there was something so sweet and slightly awkward about him that I actually felt kinda sorry for the guy.

I can report that although Nathan was injured in the process, the haircut turned out beautifully. And I probably gave him a good tip.

In the end, leaving London meant breaking up with Nathan, and enduring a year of mediocre haircuts. It wasn't until today, when I ventured out to Hair Metal salon, that everything changed. Not only was Ed completely adorable, he managed to give me a variation on my favorite Nigel haircut, without me even needing to ask for it.

And as you can see from the below picture, I'm totally going to fuzz Ed's handiwork all up because I'm a mad fidget. But, it still looks great, and I'm pleased as punch.


At 7:15 AM, Blogger Greg said...

The haircut looks great. :)

So maybe there's a connection between your quality of haircut and your willingness to do something about creativity?
Like, you can't be creative without a good haircut?


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