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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

new york, new york

I should probably write something about NYC...

...and kind of can't believe that I haven't done so yet.

I don't know if it's that my head is in a better place this time around, or that I've already done the big new scary city thing once before, or what, but I adore this city.

From the second I arrived, without my luggage, I adored it. Sitting in the Sunflower Cafe, in downtown Manhattan, with the rain pouring down and two guys who spoke like George Costanza sitting behind me,

I loved it.

And I still do.

I love that there are coffee stands on every corner, and it's a ritual to buy your morning coffee from your regular 'coffee guy' (mine calls me sweetie).

I love that everyone has a favorite Deli.

I love that everyone here is SO nice. I've had random conversations with so many people. And I love that I can do that.

I love that if you are lost on the subway, people will help you. Groups of people, shouting across the train, organizing the best route for you.

I love that every day I interchange trains at a subway station that has a Roy Lichtenstein commission in it.

I love that every day I feel like I'm walking through a movie set (and half the time I am).

I love that there is a fantastic bookshop on (practically) every corner, and an equally awesome bar or cafe across from it.

I love it.

I know that the subway will eventually get to me, that I'll get sick of the sound of sirens, and winter will be cold and feel like it's never going to end. I know it's only been three weeks...

...but right now, I think that this city is amazing. And I'm trying to force myself to remember this. To remember what it feels like to be completely infatuated with something.

My life here, thus far, has been amazing.

And you should probably get on a plane and come to visit me soon.


At 4:13 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

*books ticket for NYC*


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