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Thursday, October 12, 2006

bye bye big smoke, hello big apple

I swear that I did desperately try to write something here several times. But then it just got to the point where too much had happened and it was impossible to start in the middle. The ending just wouldn't make any sense.

So, to quickly recap:

  • I've been to Croatia, Hungary and Poland.

  • I had a really great time and was (as always) charmed in the least likely places.

  • I had a fantastic last day in London, complete with a Hans Bellmar exhibition and ending with a final curry at the 'Diana Cafe' on Brick Lane with Jacey.

  • I arrived safely back in Calgary, without getting charged a cent for my massively overweight luggage.

  • I saw all of my great Calgary pals, and got to meet the adorable baby of my friends Justan and Lindsay for the first time (hi Neko!).

  • I had a great week, full of beautiful blue skied days, visiting with my friends and family back home on the prairies.

  • I left for New York on Wednesday, October 11th, not knowing whether or not I would actually be allowed into the country to work.

  • But I was.

    My luggage is still in Canada somewhere. Or in the sky. Or in NY - It's a mystery at this point, but I'm here. In New York City.

    And all I know is that I had better get my luggage soon, because if I have to wear my baggy, saggy plane-softened clothes to The Slipper Room tomorrow night, there's going to be hell to pay.


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